Anipill® system

Innovative solution for reliable accurate and continuous core temperature monitoring of many animal species.

Why choose Anipill® ?

Developed by physiologists, the solution was designed to combine comfort and ease of use. It ensures complete data collection and help to solve many challenges in animal research : 

  • Preserve animal mobility and social living conditions
  • Promote animal welfare by limiting handling, stress and constraints applied to the animals
  • Help to reduce the number of animals used and the costs of studies by collecting reliable and continuous data.

Anipill®, an additional asset
for your experimentations

The temperature variable is a key indicator of the animal physiological status. The continuous nature of the measurement is more difficult to obtain and only a few restrictive devices (rectal probes, etc.) allow continuous core temperature monitoring.

Anipill® is a miniaturized electronic capsule that can be ingested in medium-sized species or simply implanted in small animals such as mice (from 20 grams).

  • Real-time communication technology allows you to have a continuous access to the data collected with a dedicated monitor, Anilogger®, which also stored the data.
  • The internal memory integrated to the capsule guarantees the recovery of all the data collected both in case of communication breakdown with the monitor and during measurements in ecologic condition. The synchronization of the data a posteriori thus makes it possible to recover all the temperature kinetics, without any data losses.
  • The capsule has a 20 days to 10 months life duration, depending on the sampling period chosen. The capsule is delivered sterilized and deactivated.
  • An activation box allows to wake up the Anipill® capsule and associate it with the Anilogger® monitor.
  • A single monitor can manage up to 8 capsules simultaneously.
  • A dedicated interface Anilogger Manager, PC and MAC compatible, retrieves data for archiving or clinical use.

Key figures

Anipill® capsule:

  • Provided sterilized
  • Shelf storage: 2 years
  • Weight: 1,7g
  • Size: 17,7mm x 8,9mm
  • Sampling period: 1min, 2min, 5min, 15min, 1h
  • Life duration: 20 days to 10 months
  • Accuracy: 0,2°C
  • Calibration: 25°C to 45°C
  • FIFO memory with a 2000 data capacity
  • Data transmission: RF communication (433 MHz)
  • Communication range: 1- 3m (depending on species)

Anilogger® monitor:

  • Up to 8 capsules per monitor
  • Multichannel: 7 monitors in parallel
  • Storage: 150 000 data per capsule
  • Autonomy: 24/36h
  • Size: 120mm x 70mm x 15mm

Anipill® capsule

Anilogger® monitor

Applications: Various use cases

The Anilogger® solution allows continuous core temperature monitoring of the animals for the purpose of physiological mechanisms understanding or to control the physiological status of the animal. The device is suitable for data collection in pharmacology / vaccinology but also for biological rhythms, hibernation, or thermoregulation processes analyzing.


Core temperature monitoring in infectiology and/or virology is crucial; kinetics analysis helps to better understand how an active substance, a therapy or a pathology impacts the animal’s ability to regulate its temperature.


Hibernation is a biological condition in which the vital functions of the animal are kept in a minimal state; this corresponds to a period of deep sleep during which the animal undergoes a series of physiological changes (hypothermia, slowing down of essential functions, …) during the winter.

rhythms analysis

Core temperature is a key indicator of biological rhythm.

Continuous monitoring of this variable allows the characterization of the core temperature circadian rhythm, which constitutes an essential tool for the analysis of biological rhythms and sleep disorders.

processes analysis

Thermoregulation is a major scientific axis focusing on the study of the body’s responses to different internal or external stimuli.

Understanding the underlying mechanisms is important because they affect not only core and peripheral temperatures, but also other physiological variables such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

For more details on use cases do not hesitate to consult the support section.

Animals Monitoring capsule

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