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R&D Services

    Each of our clients' individual physiological parameters for species observation and testing are very precise and unique. Therefore;

  • we are able to take into account your specific monitoring needs
  • as well as constraints of use and ergonomics
  • Our R&D is at your disposal. Based on a dual competence physiology including electronics miniaturization, we develop and industrialize behavioral physiological monitoring solutions as they relate to;

    • biochemical
    • temperature
    • heart rate
    • activity, position , pH, etc

    Together within our R&D team you will be satisfied with every aspect of;

    • electronic miniaturization
    • energy management
    • telemetry communication
    • and of course your implemented software

    Our expert team of 10 electronic engineers will help you to define the most expected solutions for your monitoring needs.

    The Anipill System was developed to support industrialization and also to support regulatory qualifications for veterinary systems.

    For any questions or requests, please contact us directly via contact@animals-monitoring.com and we will be pleased to respond as soon as possible.